You’ll like it here. We’re different.

Working in real estate sales at Propertyssimo is different. You won’t waste your days on cold calling, marketing, advertising, prospecting, and there won’t be any open houses to eat your time and energy up either.

Our approach is different. We use our know-how to provide you with interested buyers and sellers so that all you have to do is use your client management, communication and organization skills to make sales happen.

We’re looking for confidence and ability from the kind of sellers who can already make a living but want something better. In return, we offer pre-qualified leads and appointments, and freedom from the endless grind of hustling.

This isn’t a team that takes passengers, so you’ll need to have at least five successful real-estate sales under your belt to get our attention. If that’s the case and you know the business then we’d love to chat with you. If you make it on to the team you can expect AED300,000 in your first year, and twice that much during the second year if you’re good. Doesn’t that sound better than business as usual?

Get off the treadmill and come over for a chat. We’ll even buy you a coffee.

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Fill Up the Form